XBMC – How to subscribe to TV Shows and add them to your library





I have been doing a lot with XBMC lately. If you don’t know XBMC is, it is a Media front end for your Movies, Music and Pictures. I will be covering more about it as I use it more so stay tuned. If you are new to XBMC you might want to do some research as it is not the easiest thing to use. But it does have some pretty powerful features I wanted to use. Mainly getting the latest TV shows. There are plenty of plugins that let you watch TV shows in the plugin itself. But XBMC was a really nice TV section that is a lot easier to use. So I spent about 3 hours looking for a way to integrate shows you find from different sources into you TV Show library. I finally found the answer with a plugin called 1Channel and a feature called Subscriptions. They following is the video I found showing how to use it. As I said I will be doing more with XBMC and showing you some easier solutions as well.

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