You won’t believe how much you will learn while having fun.

When I was in school I didn’t like learning very much. I could never see the point. It wasn’t until High School when I took an offset printing class that began to enjoy learning. My teacher made it fun. I was learning something interesting to me and our assessments were not just school work but challenges I had to conquer. I found the more fun I had, the more I wanted to learn. When I am developing website or apps I focus I things I enjoy. One thing I enjoy is video games. I’m a big gamer. When I designed my first android app it was a game. (Something I still need to finish). It something that can drive me to learn. I remember When I was young I wanted to learn to program so I could make my own games. I had a commodore 64 and their use to be magazines that had all the code for a games. You just had to type it in. For me it was worth my time to do it because the pay off was a free game.

Recently I wanted to brush up on my video editing skills. I found a cool video on YouTube about two high-profile shooter games, “Call of Duty ” and “Battlefield”. In the video they have a Rap battle. I enjoyed the video a lot but I wanted a clean version of the video because it used some vulgar language. I decided to brush up on my skills by cleaning it up. It then took a life of its own and I begun added little touches to enhances it. Below is the result. I had a lot of fun and I learn a lot too. So I encourage you go find a project you know you going to enjoy. You won’t believe how much you will learn while having fun.

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