Taking note with Evernote


So today a friend of mine inspired me to make time to do more blog posts
(You can read his blog post  Here.)

I have been meaning to add more  content on regular bases and since I have time right now I need to start with a plan. One of the most helpful tools, when I was in school, for organizing was Evernote. Evernote is a cross platform note taking program that is very powerful. You can literary “Save Everything” on the internet, as the motto says.

Using tools like Evernote is going to be my first step in getting a scheduled down. I have four sites that have or I want to launch. To do this I am going to need a plan. So bare with me while I figure all this out. My plan for this site is that it would be a place to get  a behind the scenes  look on how I do things. What creative things I have discover. This site will be my way of writing it down so I don’t lose it. I hope you enjoy it and is helpful.


Check out Everynote here: https://www.evernote.com/referral/Registration.action?uid=20680428&sig=1290597259acc7d14b957f324011269a

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